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e2v is a leading global provider of technology solutions for high performance systems; delivering solutions, sub-systems and components, to advanced systems companies, for specialist applications within medical & science, aerospace & defence, and commercial & industrial markets. e2v specialist semiconductors offers Hi-Rel semiconductor solutions for aerospace & defence programmes requiring: lifecycle management, hi-rel microprocessors, high speed data converters, high reliability ICs with lifetime continuity of supply, assembly & test services and MRAMs.


Freescale Semiconductor supplies the "brains" for all kinds of automotive, consumer, industrial and networking applications. Our unparalleled portfolio of power management solutions, microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors, radio frequency semiconductors, analog and mixed signal circuits and software technologies are embedded in products used around the world. Look inside automobiles, media players, mobile phones, washers, dryers and networking infrastructures. You'll discover Freescale intelligence and connectivity at work in things that you see and touch every day, in every part of the world.