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  Firmware Development

As a part of the embedded system development, we offer firmware development services which comprises of:
» OS Porting and BSP development.
» Device driver & API development.
» Application software development.
» Testing and validation.
We have a vast experience with embedded operating systems, particularly RTOS such as:
» VxWorks.
» Nucleus.
» RT Linux.
Operating on processor platforms like:
» X86.
» ARM.
» PowerPC.
Under this service we would:
» Port the operating system to the client's processor platform.
» Develop the required BSP / LSP for the client's target board.
» Validate the BSP / LSP using extensive test suites developed for the target board for the particular operating system.
» Develop boot loaders and monitor programs for board bring-up.
» Develop test suites for board integrity tests and debugging.
Our embedded team has extensive experience in device driver development for host of peripherals including UART, Ethernet, PCI, USB and custom FPGAs. As required by the clients and the applications, we would develop the APIs to access the resources provided by the boards.